Friday, November 7, 2008

WANTED: Dec. 5 Birthdays

Update: We've increased the prohibition birthday bounties to $100 each!!! 

We're offering a $100 bounty for a Bay Area resident turning 75 on Dec. 5, 2008, and a $100 bounty for a local turning 21 on the same day. You see, Dec. 5 is the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition.  Yes, it was the 21st Amendment that gave Americans the right to drink again, and we're planning to celebrate with a Repeal Prohibition Parade for beer, as part of our Repeal Prohibition Week celebration. We need a couple of Grand Marshals to lead the parade, so we're looking for someone turning 21 and someone turning 75. 

If you know someone (including yourself) who is turning 21 or 75 on Dec. 5 and wants to lead the march for beer on December 5, email us the following information:

1) Name, age and contact info for the birthday boy or girl

2) Reason(s) this person should be chosen as Grand Marshal.

3) Your name and contact info.

We will choose the Grand Marshals based on personality, availability and whatever else we think of after we've had a few beers. If you are the first person to introduce us to a Grand Marshal by email, you will win $100. Grand Marshals are also eligible for the bounty if they introduce themselves to us first. Proof of birthdate is, of course, required.

The Grand Marshals will lead the Repeal Prohibition Parade (aka We Want Beer! March), which will begin at 4:00 p.m. at Justin Herman Plaza and end at the 21st Amendment Brewery. You can't miss us - we'll be the ones with the marching band and a coterie of revelers in 1930's garb carrying We Want Beer! signs. 

Post-parade, the Grand Marshals (and a guest) will get the royal treatment at the Repeal Prohibition Celebration at the 21st Amendment Brewery. We'll have a three-piece jazz band, special food and drinks, and a private party in the Mezzanine that requires a password to enter. We'll share the password with the Grand Marshals, but everyone else will have to find it themselves. We'll twitter password retrieval instructions on December 1.

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