Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twitter Brew - Spring Tweet

I got this crazy idea about a month ago that with all the Tweetups (that's a meet-up in person for Twitters) that have been taking place at the 21A, why not have a twitter beer. That and the fact that the Twitter headquarters are just a quick walk across the park. If you don't know what Twitter might be, Wikipedia has the elaborate definition, but it is essentially micro-blogging site where users can follow each other and send and receive 'tweets' which are 140 characters or less.  Everyday people Twitter, celebrities, companies, spamers and the like. The 21st Amendment has been Twittering since about June of last year and we try to let our followers know about what is going on with the 21st Amendment. I personally feel it's important to put a face, a real person behind the tweets otherwise it comes across as too much of an advertisement. Companies such at VirginAmerica, Southwest Airlines and Ebay come to mind as great twittering companies as they really have fun with the medium. 

We tweeted about the idea for the Twitter brew as a lark at first and the response was huge, then we asked what would be a good name and we received more great responses. We then brewed the twitterbrew and tweeted about the whole process. The media got wind of it along with bloggers and all we can say is that we are very excited. What has come out of this is 'Spring Tweet,' a Spring ale, light and floral. We are releasing it at 4pm on Monday, April 6th. 
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