Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Great Beyond

Phew, we have been so busy. Just a quick update to keep everyone up to date on what we have been up too. We are set to launch our beer in the Northeast in the near future. You can find our "Brew Free! or Die" and "Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer" on draft and in cans soon in the Boston area, Washington, DC, Virginia, New York City area, New Jersey and beyond. Also, we are in current talks to soon distribute our fine beer in the Northwest in Oregon and Washington.

More to come.

Ok, everyone take a breath.



Bryan Kolesar said...

To say 'New Jersey' and not Philadelphia/Pennsylvania is either a typo or the result of an unfortunate set of events.

jim said...

Love your beer. I always stop by the brewpub when I'm in SF. How do I find out where to buy the cans in New yORK?

JRap said...

I just had your Watermellon Wheat here in Newark.........Impressive! Whomever said "don't fruit the beer" needs to rethink their logic. Shame on you Anheuser-Busch. When can a guy from Pittsburgh expect to see your brew?!?